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David Abel, Chair
Lynn Alvarez
William Arno
Ruben Barrales
Hope Boonshaft
John Chiang
John B. Emerson
Lisa Foster
Robert Foster
Joel Fox
Karen Getman
Ingrid Gonzales
Gary Hart
Bill Hauck
John Hein
Andrea Hoch
Thomas Hoeber
Gary Hunt
Lily Y. Lee
Colleen McAndrews
Conny McCormack
Harry Pachon
John A. Perez
Gilbert Ray
Joe Remcho
Connie Rice
Jay Schenirer
Trudy Schafer
Bob Stern
Dean C.Tipps

Ex Officio Commission Members

Jim Costa
Ross Johnson
Bill Leonard
John Longville

Research materials and other assistance to the Commission is provided by the Public Policy Institute of California and the California Research Bureau of the State Library.
California Initiative Process

Robert M. HertzbergRobert M. Hertzberg
Speaker Emeritus of the Assembly

In California, initiatives are state or local legislative measures placed on the ballot by a group of citizens. The initiative process has been called California's fourth branch of government, a frank recognition of the important role it plays in setting the state's policy agenda.


Report: Initiative Commission Final Report (Adobe PDF; 220K)

Report: The California Initiative Process - How Democratic Is It?

Survey: Campaign Finance Reform

Report: Western Initiatives: A Challenge to Representative Democracy

Report: Signing Initiative Petitions Online: Possibilities, Problems, and Prospects

Report: Legal Restrictions Applying to the California Initiative Process December, 2000

Report: The Initiative Process in America - An Overview of How It Works Around the Country December 18, 2000

Report: Ballot Measures and Judicial Review, 1986-2000 Fall, 2000

Radio: Which Way, LA? on the State Initiative Process November, 2000

Radio: California Capitol Report Discusses Initiative Reform November, 2000

More Reports

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Initiative Commission Final Report (Adobe PDF; 220 K)


October 20, 2003
Top historian warns of flaws in California recall process

October 15, 2003
Peter Schrag: Vote early, vote often -- but vote on everything?

July 31, 2003
Million-Dollar Recall

March 04, 2002
Speaker's Report Released: David Broder Discusses Recommendations

February 09, 2002
Initiative Process Faulted

May 22, 2001
State's residents like to take the initiative

April 04, 2001
The Chief Justice Speaks About Initiative Reform

March 06, 2001
Internet Voting is No "Magic Ballot," Distinguished Committee Reports

February 25, 2001
The initiative: Time to reform the reformers' tool

February 09, 2001
Initiative Reform Suggestions Due In Spring

February 07, 2001
$116 Million Spent On State School Ballot Items

February 06, 2001
Cities Begin Legal Challenge Over Arbitration While They And Allies Craft Funding Measure

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